Home Tour

The Medgar Evers House is located at 2332 Margaret Walker Alexander Drive in Jackson, Mississippi.  The house was built for the Evers in 1957.  At first, the family looked at a corner lot, but they decided it would be better to have a house somewhat hidden between the other houses on the street.

The house was the only house on the street with no front door.  The family thought it would be safer if the entrance to the house was adjacent to the carport.

Living Room

Evers’ house was used by Castle Rock Productions in the film Ghosts of Mississippi, the movie that told the story of the 1994 prosecution of Evers’ assassin Byron De La Beckwith.   After filming, the production company left the furniture in the house for use by the museum.  In the living and dining rooms, the arrangement of the furniture is slightly different.  Myrlie Evers says the couch was on the wall, and her piano was against the window.

Main Bedroom

While Medgar Evers would sometimes work at the dining room table, the family—for safety reasons — spent most of the time in the back of the house, where the master bedroom was located.  Note that the windows are located high on the wall for added privacy and security.

Chidren’s Bedroom

The children’s bedroom was located in the back of the house.  After the house had been shot into on two occasions, the children began sleeping  on mattresses on the floor.



A bullet from De La Beckwith’s gun went through the living room window, through the wall and bounced off the refrigerator in the kitchen.  Mrs. Evers says the bullet then pierced a watermelon sitting on the kitchen counter and landed in the sink, where it was recovered.

Meseum Room

One room in the house has been turned into a museum room. Using text and photographs, this room tells the story of Medgar Evers’ life.