Education Resources

The Tribute to Medgar Evers Project includes an extensive educational outreach component which will serve as a valuable tool during instruction on the life and history of Medgar Evers.  MPB believes that this teachers’ guide will provide an invaluable supplemental resource for teaching civil rights and human rights curriculum in the state of Mississippi.  The educational outreach material includes a 5- Day curriculum guide appropriate for grades 6 – 12, which includes the following components:

    1. Lesson plans with Handouts and various resources
    2. Technology Connections (i.e. audio streaming, video streaming, websites)
    3. Literature Connections (i.e. books, articles, etc.)
    4. Correlations to the MS Social Studies Framework
    5. Correlations to the MS Visual and Performing Arts Framework
    6. Correlations to the Tribute to Medgar Evers Concert Performance
    7. Glossary of relative terms for the topic
    8. Download Lesson Plan Here